Born and raised in Tanzania, Joseph Bumija has been a part of Africa all his life. His English guiding skills are great, and his demeanor the best it can be. Be sure to read our testimonials to see what others have to say about our experience, but more importantly, their experience!


Each of our guides has at least five years’ experience as a safari guide in Tanzania, meaning you will be guided by knowledgeable and skilled tourism professionals throughout your trip.

Everybody says it. That is why we have taken so many steps to make sure that we attract, select, train, retain and motivate the very best guides in Tanzania. Let’s be honest: Most guides in Tanzania are very good. But we think ours are great and here’s why:


Our passionate and highly trained mountain crew totals about 50 people, including guides, assistant guides, cooks and porters. Many of our guides and cooks began their careers with us as porters and have been part of My Serengeti safaris.

Our mountain guides each have a minimum seven years experience’s hiking Kilimanjaro, while most of our porters, assistant guides and cooks have been climbing for at least five years.

Mss chief guides and most assistant guides are Wilderness First Responder certified. Many of our cooks and porters have first-aid training.

During a Kilimanjaro & Mt Meru climb, hike with at least one head guide, an assistant guide, cook and several porters.


We also offer excursions to exotic beach destinations like Zanzibar, and fly-in, fly-out packages to isolated parks in Southern and Western Tanzania and to the Maasai Mara in Kenya.


We want you to enjoy the wonderful travel experiences that inspired us to found My Serengeti  Safaris (Mss) . To do this, we take the stress and hassle out of your adventure.

If you lose something on the way here, we’ll find a replacement. If your baggage is delayed, we’ll send it to you on safari or up the mountain.

We are constantly scouring Tanzania to monitor the quality and standards of your accommodation, ensuring you have the best possible options.


We tailor itineraries to suit your time of travel and maximize your experience by ensuring you’re in the right location at the right time. Most people experience only one safari – we want to make this your once-in-a-lifetime adventure!